How to transport your minis?

When I started with warhammer three years ago, I bought the crusader transport system by games-workshop. I liked the box, because the first minis I built where cultists, which are not really tall or have special weapons.  There really is a lot of space for minis like the cultists.

But with more and more chaos minis I got a problem: There are lots of spikes, swords or claws which stick into the foam and are hardly to lose from the foam.  Building the first daemon prince showed, that this case is a little bit to smann for the big minis.

When I built my first bloodthirster I realized, there is no way to transport it in this case. That was the time, I was looking for another transport system.

Looking at feldherr, I found foam, which was build special to put the Minis in and there where different heights, so you even could transport a big and fragile mini like a bloodthirster.  But foam with a height of 20 cm is really deep and a smaller mini is lost in space.

Another provider is battlefoam which cuts the foam in more special holes, but a dealer told me, that he had big problems with that manufacturer, as he was very late with deliveries.  What I realized first time was a magnet system, which holds the minis on its place. No foam needed.

I even looked for DiY-systems, but I#m not really good in such things, so I had to look for another system.


Then I found it:

A suitcase with drawers, magnet system, and a really nice case. Its produced by tablewar in the US. It’s called „Display Case“ which says all. Its not only a transport system, but a case to show your best painted minis.

Problem: only available in the states!!

But looking on the homepage a few weeks later was a really surprise: they are opening an european store in Great Britain, so ordering the case would be possible.

So a few weeks later I ordered the case and got a little shock: 250,- Euro alltogether.


When the case arrived i loved it: all those big and fragile minis had been no problem anymore. Just put a magnet or two on the base and transport is no problem anymore.


With more and more minis I wanted to order another display case, but it was out of stock! Writing an email I got a bad answer, the store will closes due to brexit problems and the case can be ordered in the US and Canada only. He could order another case, but transport will cost 50,- $. That was a little bit too much.


So the search for another system was going on. Again I was looking for the big magnet box made by battlefoam, but it was out of stock.  Able to order in about three months.


Looking in the net i finally found another system: „Army-Box“ by an german guy.  Once a kickstarter, it is sold now in a store. When I found the Site, the fourth edition was just announced. I wrote a mail to Jochen and he really made my day:  One week later the orders can be placed and delivery will be in August or September.  So I ordered two of the bigger bags.  Two of my friends had been attached too.


The order arrived last Saturday. Sunday my room was full of the smell of wood. Within 1 day I have been able to build both boxes and they even take more minis than the tablewar case did.


There’s not only the box, Jochen invented a few other things, which are pretty tricky:  foam walls which can be put around a mini which can not be magnetized. So I even can fix the soulgrinder and the defiler on the drawers.

The really tricky thing is the magnetic wall: if you take a bloodthirster, it takes a lot of high of the box.  but Jochen invented a metal wall, which can be fixed via magnets on the drawer. If you take a piece of foam, you can stick the bloodthirster horizontally and spare a lot of high. you even can put an additional drawer.


Thanks Jochen, for such a good transport system. Today I sold the crusader box…





Welcome to the piston hell

When I joined the TitanOwnersClub and showed a picture of the Reader, standing only with Patafix, a guy told me „enjoy the piston hell“. I didn’t know, what he wanted to say, only saw lots of pistons lying in the big red box.



There is really a mess of pistons and you have to fix them all in one step. First I glued the „toe“ with a 2k glue , after that I had to fix the side armor and with it glued on the foots base, you have to fix 2 pistons, which habe to be shortened step by step until it fixes with the armor and the plate.

After about 4 hours I survived piston hell.

all these piston have to be glued on the feet

Adding some chaos symbols

Some of the reaver weapons are built with imperial symbols and of course my heretic army doesn’t want to be equipped with guns, showing the eagle.

So my work was, to change imperial weapons to chaos.


First I made molds from the original Forgeworld Symbols, as I need them for the warlord. 



so I got new ones of green stuff

The imperial eagle is pressed in the bis resin part

So I glued some plasticard

and after that the chaos star was glued on the plasticard

Some of the Star symbols are handmade

Voila, don’t tell me there had ever been the eagle of the false emperor



There had been a request for reinforcement  to fight all those imperial bastards – even as nobody knows who made this request. Who of the Eightscarred would wish to share the bloodbath with other Legions?

But whoever this request made – it was anwered

By nobody else than the Despoiler himself. So Abaddon was the first to arrive of the black legion.